How The Prompt Technique Can Help Children With Communication?

Communication is the key to connecting with people and the environment. However, for some children, speech disorders can prevent them from expressing themselves clearly. This can lead to frustration and affect their academic and social growth. In these situations, speech therapists use proven techniques like PROMPT to help children overcome communication obstacles. In this article, you will learn about PROMPT therapy and its benefits. We also explore how it helps children find their voice.

1. Understanding Prompt Speech Treatment

PROMPT, a dynamic and comprehensive approach to speech-language therapy, focuses primarily on the coordination and movement of oral muscles. PROMPT speech therapy has gained popularity with speech-language specialists for its ability to treat various speech and communication disorders.

2. The Science Behind Prompt

PROMPT is based on neurophysiology as well as motor learning and linguistic principles. It operates under the assumption that speaking is a complex activity requiring oral muscle and articulatory tissue coordination. The technique uses tactile-kinesthetic signals to aid in producing speech, helping children overcome motor planning difficulties.

3. Candidates for prompt therapy

Children with a range of language and speech disorders can benefit greatly from PROMPT. It is also effective for children with developmental speech delay, phonological disorders, apraxia, and other speech disorders. PROMPT can also benefit children with cognitive and language challenges or co-occurring disorders.

4. The role and responsibilities of the prompt therapist

A PROMPT therapist must be certified and have specialized training. A PROMPT-certified therapist thoroughly understands the interplay between speech production and motor skills. They will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify the child’s speech challenges. Then, they will tailor their therapy to meet those specific needs.

5. Individualized Treatment Plan

Its individualized approach is PROMPT’s greatest strength. PROMPT therapy acknowledges that every child’s speech difficulty is unique. The therapist uses a combination of motor skills and cognitive abilities, and speech patterns to design a plan aligned with the child’s developmental stage.

6. Hands-on Approach: Using tactile-kinesthetic Cues

The use of tactile and kinesthetic cues for speech production is at the core of PROMPT. The therapist gently touches and guides the child around their jaw, lips, tongue, and mouth to help them correctly move and place their oral muscles during speech. These tactile clues help the child learn the physical sensations of producing certain speech sounds. These tactile cues foster muscle memory and accuracy.

7. Encouraging Multimodal Communication

The PROMPT method recognizes communication as a multimodal activity that involves facial expressions and body language. While focusing on producing speech, PROMPT Therapists encourage children to use alternative communication methods to express themselves.

8. Play-based Learning

Children will find the sessions engaging and fun because PROMPT therapy uses a play-based method. Children are motivated and relaxed by including games and fun activities in therapy sessions.

9. Tracking progress and setting goals

PROMPT involves continuous goal-setting and progress monitoring. The therapist monitors the child’s improvement in speech regularly and changes the treatment plan according to that. This helps ensure therapy is focused and effective while celebrating each child’s accomplishments.

10. Building Self-Esteem & Confidence

As children gain confidence, they will feel more confident and have higher self-esteem. Communication skills enable children to take part in social interactions. They can also learn new things and develop meaningful relationships.


The PROMPT speech program is the leading evidence-based approach for children with speech and language disorders. Focusing on motor learning, tactile kinesthetics, and individual treatment plans, PROMPT speech therapy empowers kids to find their voices, gain confidence, and thrive as they navigate their communication journey. With the support and guidance of certified therapists from PROMPT and parents, children can discover the power of communicating, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

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