Do You Really Need A Professional Photographer?


These days, almost all of us keep a smartphone in our hands. These smartphones have totally transformed our life. Just imagine – you need not wear your watch, not listen to your radio or watch TV, no need to carry your calculator, and finally no need for a camera too!

With a smartphone in our hands, all of us think that we have become professional photographers. But have we? Often, we tend to think that photography is too easy a job.

However, when we come across the works of a professional photographer like Lisa Saad and have a look at her multi-awarded work done on Anonymous Man Collection, we realize that we hardly know anything about photography at all!

Lisa is a Melbourne-based professional commercial photographer who has taken many photographs for various commercial advertisements. She has won many awards for her work so far.

She has been in this profession for the last 3 decades and has photographed almost everything like

  • High-end advertising campaigns
  • Fashion and lifestyle magazine covers
  • Spreads to corporate projects that focused on place, people, art, and food.

You can see her works in various TV series, commercials, short films, documentaries, as well as corporate video productions.

Actually, the less we know about anything, we tend to think that the more we know and when we try to know more about anything then we realize how little we know.

The same thing we may realize when looking at the work done by her in Project 11 where Ms. Saad has taken the picture of many boys and girls when they were 11 years old.

So, let us come to the point i.e. whether should we hire any professional photographer? We think the following are a few good reasons to hire a professional photographer.

  1. They know the proper use of camera

Taking any photographs is quite easy but how you capture any object or certain scene and visualize it, comes out when the picture is finally edited. They really know how to really use the camera properly to capture that vision.

  1. They can add value

If you are interested to use a photograph for commercial purposes then only a professional photographer can really add value to your photographs.

  1. They can print digital photographs in several formats

With digital photography, you have more format and delivery options than ever before. Images of nearly any size can be delivered by professional photographers.

  1. They are up-to-date with the latest technology and trends

Photography is also constantly evolving like any other profession. As a professional, you will always find them more up-to-date with the latest technology.

  1. They can offer quality

In the world of business, a good shot can mean the difference between winning and losing. Professional photographers possess the knowledge and abilities required to get the ideal shot for your marketing.

They understand how to make an image that is both visually beautiful and emotionally stirring by utilizing lighting and arrangement.

If you are really impressed with the works of Lisa Saad Photographer then you can get connected to her through her Instagram profile.

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