Air Cooler Buying Guide: Tips To Select The Right Air Cooler

Long, hot summers require cooling devices. Air conditioners are pricey, but they’re nice on hot summer days. Most home and office owners hate summers and rising electricity expenses. Air evaporative coolers save energy, money, and the environment.

Before discussing air cooler variations and characteristics, let’s study how they work and why they’re superior to air conditioners.

An Air Cooler’s Operation

Evaporative coolers chill air. Sweating cools. Sweat evaporates, releasing a gas that draws heat from the skin. Air coolers pump water through evaporating pads. After water evaporates heat, a fan blows cool, moist air into the space. Ice cube trays in many air coolers chill water quickly and efficiently. Air coolers let you circulate fresh air by opening doors and windows.

Benefits Of Air Coolers

Energy Efficiency – An air cooler uses 10 times less energy than a traditional air conditioner, lowering consumers’ electricity expenses. Inverter technology in some air coolers cuts energy consumption even more.

  • Capital & Recurring Costs – Air coolers cost less to buy, install, operate, and maintain than air conditioners.
  • Eco-friendly – Unlike ACs, which utilize hazardous chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), air coolers employ natural evaporative cooling with zero carbon emissions.
  • Quality of air – Air coolers extract hot air from outside and cool it, circulating fresh air. Additionally, the circulated air is wet, filtered, and easy to breathe, hydrating your skin.
  • Installation & Portability – Air coolers don’t need installation; just fill the water tank and plug in the power wire. Air coolers are also quite mobile.

Different Air Coolers

When choosing an air cooler, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of sizes, forms, capacities, styles, and features. It’s crucial to understand air cooler kinds before shopping for one. Desert, personal, and window air coolers are the four basic varieties. We’ll examine these air cooler types immediately.

Cooling Desert Air

Desert air coolers are ideal for dry climates due to their huge tank, blower, and motor. These coolers can cool enormous spaces due to their air throw and delivery. Desert air coolers can run for hours due to their 100-liter tanks.

Personal Air Conditioners

Personal air coolers are compact and portable, making them ideal for tiny spaces or regions that don’t need open cooling. Compared to desert coolers, personal air coolers use less energy and run more quietly.

Window Air Coolers

As their name implies, window air coolers save floor space by being installed in windows.

Key Characteristics

Understanding air cooler kinds help with selection. To choose the right air cooler, you need to grasp its features.

Room Dimensions Matter

It’s crucial to choose an air cooler based on the room’s size because each one cools a certain area.

Tank Capacity And Auto-Fill

Air coolers have varying tank capacities, so you must choose one that matches your room size. Large water tanks provide long-term cooling and vice versa. A good cooler should last all night without refilling. Auto-Fill tank features are useful for smaller coolers because they continuously supply water. The cooler’s water pump must also be hard water-compatible and long-lasting.

Filter Dust

With air quality declining, it makes sense to use household gadgets that help clean indoor air.

Ice Room

Buy an air cooler with an ice chamber for faster cooling. Ice cubes can swiftly cool the water in the chamber, cooling the space faster.


Air coolers are no longer large and boring. Air coolers today come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and attractive designs so you may choose one that matches your decor.

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