A Few Important Benefits of URL Shortener

You probably had thought when you copied and pasted a link onto your social media profiles, which looks so absurdly long. A URL shortener is a useful in this situation. URL shorteners carry out their intended functions. They make long, unprofessional URLs shorter and easy to read.

An URL shortener’s definition

Uniform Resource Locator, usually referred to as a link or web address, is the phrase “URL.” A technology known as a URL shortener reduces a lengthy web address into a more manageable one.

Link shorteners are nothing new as they have been in use for a long time. When Twitter‘s social network lowered the character limit for tweets to just 140, these tools became more and more popular with users.

The character limit and link regulations on Twitter have since been modified. Links always count as 23 characters in a tweet, which users can now send up to 280 characters long. However, URL compression is still a recommended method for distributing content through social media and other platforms.

The following are the few benefits ofURL shortener


Sharing a shorter link is considerably easier than a long one. This is crucial when you are promoting your website one-on-one or in situations where your audience cannot actually click your link.

A URL shortener can assist you in creating a quick, memorable link that can be entered directly into a smartphone or web browser while you are presenting a PowerPoint presentation or sharing a link with a potential customer.

  • Insights

The ability to track clicks on each link you publish is one of the most significant advantages of a URL shortener. You may be able to see a breakdown of visitors by demographics, such as nation or gender, depending on the service you are using to compress web connections.

Additionally, you can see which of your social media postings or channels are generating the most clicks.

  • Increased sharing

Your followers will find it simpler to click, copy, and share a shortened link in their own posts, which can help your material get more natural exposure on social media.

  • Stronger engagement

A shortened URL is more likely to be clicked on by your audience if it is clearly associated with your brand. Using shortened URLs can boost interaction by 39%.

  • Professionalism

It is likely that your audience is accustomed to seeing content shared via shortened links. They might even notice if you share a URL that has not been compressed because this practise is so widespread.

Long-form URLs may seem messy or unorganised to viewers who are used to shorter, crisper connections.

  • Higher click-through rate

On social media, abbreviated URLs are commonplace. Use of shorter links will consequently raise your click-through rate. It is one of the simplest adjustments you can make to improve the efficiency of your posting strategy.

The best part about posting with e-Clincher is that you may attach a title and an image by just copying and pasting a URL into the text box, where the URL shortener will automatically start working. Additionally, analytical tracking will start right away.

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