Know-How Art Plays a Vital Role in Office Place

Adding art to the workplace is more than just for aesthetic purpose. It is used as a business tool operationally and strategically to improve productivity and making the place more welcoming. Psychologists often say, increased stress levels and mood–offs can be dealt with the attractive colors and smooth strokes.  

This is a millennial era, and the thought process, skills, and approach regarding life and work are quite different from what people had in the past. These days you’ll read a lot of articles on how the young generation is job-hopping, their likes and dissatisfaction. With freelancing becoming the trend, more and more people give priority to comfort and are not willing to compromise on anything.

As once Aristotle stated, art aims at representing the inward significance and not the outward appearance. Art not only brings out the best of employees but also helps in branding any large or small scale businesses. The type of artwork or wall paintings any business displays at the office space tells more about their ideologies and motive.

If you are looking for wall oil paintings, then you must consider Lana Zueva. She is one of the most popular artists in Australia. Her paintings include portraits, still life, landscapes, and animals. You can Google and shop for the paintings of your choice at a fair price. 


  • A workplace or an office is the next home to any employee.
  • According to psychologists, any workplace should be lively, instrumental, and creative to bring out all the positive capabilities of an employee.
  • Particularly, artwork at the workplace invokes intrigue, engagement, and creativity in any employee.
  • Artistic workspace makes employees stay focused for long hours and brings creativity work and productivity.
  • Artwork in businesses develops a bond between employees of different branches.
  • Artwork when chosen and placed thoughtfully can help strengthen the employee bonds.
  • Art in businesses is not only easy to represent but also encourages opinions, creativity, and stress-reducing factors.
  • Employees working in creative workspace and surrounded by greenery bring 17% more productivity than others.

Wall Arts for Office

There are numerous wall décor ideas available in the market for your office use. Choose according to your office space and the kind of industry you belong to. Some of the wall arts given below:

  • Sparkling wall culture
  • Floating Office shelves 
  • Hanging alphabets
  • Canvas with sayings 
  • Pressed flower frame 
  • Shadow Box

Oil Paintings

Here is the list of some oil painting ideas that are quite popular and bring an arty look to your office.

  • Juicy lemon oil painting
  • Lucy – poodle portrait painting
  • Guinness – Yorkshire terrier commissioned art portrait painting
  • Korjick – Jack Russell terrier art portrait painting

You can even opt for some customized paintings with scenic beauty for your office. Zueva is a creative artist and her paintings are quite popular. She is a true talent and you can count on her works for your office wall décor needs. You can easily visit her website and buy the art of your choice to suit your office space or home office.

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