Tricks Florists Use To Keep Flowers Fresh

No matter if you are growing flowers yourself or buying them from a florist, you want flowers that last. Here are some tips from florists all over the world to keep flowers fresher and prolong the joy they bring you.

1. Always Cut The Stems Before You Place Them In Water

When you buy flowers, make sure to cut the stems before you put them in water. You can buy arrangements from professional florists if they are already cut. Your flowers will last for several days. It is important to trim the stems every few days so that freshwater can penetrate the stem. It is also a good idea to change the water every few days.

2. Reduce Or Eliminate The Excess Leaves

If the stems are likely to rest below the vase’s waterline, remove them before you place the cut flowers in a vase. The foliage can be removed to reduce bacteria and keep the water free from foul odors. This will allow the flowers to shine more, which will help them last longer. Green’s flower care routine includes the regular pruning of fresh flowers and the removal of leaves.

3. Select The Right Vase Or The Container Size

The vase size you choose is crucial for the longevity of your cut flower arrangement. Our florists will help you select the correct size vase or container to fit the cut stems. The flower stems may look squished or cramped if the opening is too small. To remedy this, you can either cut some stems or use a larger vase. The opposite is true. If your vase’s mouth is too large, the arrangement won’t have any form. Ask one of our florist Sydney for help if you aren’t sure. They can help you choose from many options online or in the Sydney shop. Some are best for small, simple arrangements while others work well for larger and more elaborate designs.

Preparing your vase is important before you cut the flower stems. Make sure you fill your vase with fresh, cold water at least two-thirds of its height. Tip: Warm water is better than cold water if you want your flowers to open. Warm water promotes the opening of the flower. You will need to replace the water with cold water if you want to keep cut flowers fresher for longer.

4. Do Not Be Afraid To Trim Those Stems

A cube vase, small bowl, or cube vase is a good choice for beginners. This size will require a sharp trim on the stems. You can make your flowers look professional by using good pruning shears.

Once your anxiety has subsided you can trim the stems to make the vase taller. Hold your items in your hands and trim them to the same length. As tight as your finger can be in a bowling ball. You will feel more at ease and less anxious after you have done this a few times. Be conservative with your trim. You can always cut it shorter. A flower’s stem will not grow back, unlike hair. You can test a single stem to gauge your anxiety. Once you are satisfied with the length, start applying it as a template for the rest.

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